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Israeli Za’atar

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Za’atar is an aromatic spice mix that is popular throughout the Middle East. The blend has many variations depending on the cook and the region. Regardless, most blends include sumac and sesame seeds.

Traditionally, it is sprinkled over warm flatbreads that have been brushed with olive oil. It may also be incorporated into the dough before baking, and is used as a seasoning for kebabs and can be sprinkled over or stirred into yogurt.

Our in house blend Israeli Za’atar is back with a new and improved recipe! This wonderful middle eastern inspired blend is wonderful sprinkled over grain salad, green salad, hummus, baba ghanoush, tzatziki, and even popcorn. The possibilities are endless! It’s even great straight out of the bag!

Ingredients: White sesame seeds, Turkish oregano, dill weed, dill seed, thyme, kosher sea salt and sumac.

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